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Dominic Madden, owner of MaddenSEO is consider to be one of  the best P. G. County SEO consultants in the Maryland area. MaddenSEO develops unique marketing strategies for each individual client. Most so called SEO masters use cookie cutter strategies which produce mediocre results at best. This is the reason so many websites never reach the 1st page of Google.

At MaddenSEO we focus on bringing targeted clients to your website. Beware of marketing companies that charge you for online traffic that brings visitors to your website that have no interest in your product or services. High traffic means nothing if it isn’t qualified or targeted (if they’ll never buy).

At MaddenSEO we know that our clients are not interested in purely numbers.  Our tactical SEO practice drives highly targeted traffic from people who actually intended to find a service or product similar to yours. Search engine traffic is among the most highly converting traffic in the marketing industry. This is organic traffic from people that went to google and searched for your company’s product or service specifically. These are the people that convert into customers and generate greater revenue for your business.  We can help you get more people like that.

Here’s what you can expect:

Why SEO?

When you’re looking for services, how do you go about finding it? Do you comb through a dusty phone book? Chances are you, if you’re like most people today, you head straight to Google, or another search engine.

While consumer-searching approaches are quickly changing, companies are often slow on the uptake. It’s shocking how many businesses still advertise their products and services in archaic ways. Flashy paid ads in the phone book, on billboards, or even in newspapers just won’t cut it anymore as consumers become progressively more immune to traditional advertising means.

It’s time to turn to the search engines if you’re looking to stay competitive.

How SEO Works

Nowadays, businesses that fail to strategically optimize the Internet will lose their market share in the next few years, or sooner.

Just having a beautifully designed website won’t cut it. If you’re not making every effort to increase your visibility online via unique and custom Search Engine Optimization tactics, you’ll likely  find yourself buried behind dozens of competitors whose pages populate well before yours on search engines.   They say that the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google. So, your strategy should be simple…. make sure you’re on the first page, not the second, or else risk killing your company’s shot at success.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, when done well allows you to cast your net even wider and capture more qualified traffic than other antiquated marketing tactics.  Imagine you sell women’s shoes in Los Angeles, California. The right SEO tactics and strategy will allow you to target women within 50 miles of LA, ages 18-50. And that’s just the start.

The right SEO strategy increases your chances that you’ll be found by the right people at the right time.With SEO, consumers will come to you, rather than you blindly searching for them. So take advantage of this unique power you have over your visibility. Position yourself on top of the search results and start getting discovered by a wider target audience more quickly.  Begin to implement an SEO strategy for your business today.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right SEO Agency

Chances are, if you own or manage a business, you know the importance of great SEO – but, you may not know how to capitalize on it on your own. That’s where SEO agencies come into play. But with so many companies and agencies out there today, claiming to be ‘the best,’ it’s important to do your own research before making your selection on who to work with. Once you do find the right SEO agency, the benefits to your business are practically endless.

SEO is a powerful marketing tool, and the right agency will know how to utilize it to your advantage. Agencies with experience will know the right keywords and phrases to choose from as a reflection of your business, which can help you reach the top of just about any search engine whenever anyone is looking for something relevant to you, or your area.

SEO agencies are also great at making your website itself something that search engines will pick up on – there are ‘tips and tricks’ to every website that search engines tend to cling to, so building a better website for your business is usually the first step in advancing your SEO.

The right agency will do more than just build or manage a website, and throw a few keywords your way. When it comes to actually selecting the right SEO agency, you’ll find that they do everything in their power to build a better brand for your entire business, connecting your website with social media platforms, and so much more. Once people recognize your business as a brand, you become more trustworthy, and typically, more successful. SEO can seem overwhelming at first, but hiring the right agency to take care of it for you is a great way to reach your business goals, and stay on par with the latest in marketing innovations.

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